About Us

Joshua Griffin Ministries was founded in 2004 with the heart for restoration and revolution in the body of Christ. If we don’t know who God is then how can we share Him with others. After many years in ministry, starting with prison outreach and youth ministry, there still seemed to be some key things missing. The question kept coming up as to why Christians all seemed to go in their own directions rather than working as one voice. I know we need buildings and laborers and finances, but why do we compete with and destroy each other over doctrines, denominations and flat out greed?

There comes a time in each of our lives that challenges us to take a stand and make a difference. My challenge came in 2004. God put it in my heart to stop wondering in the wilderness and come follow Him. The wilderness can be very different for each of us. Distraction and compromise were the main reasons why I needed God to get my attention. We all have very specific callings and purposes for why we are living upon this earth. I have always been drawn to intimacy through worship. I’m not just talking about singing and playing instruments but intimacy that takes over the flesh. It comes when you have the wilderness experience with God. He shows you where you truly stand with Him and challenges you to step out of the boat and follow Him across the water to become who He intended you to be.

As we travel the world  leading worship our excitement for Jesus and His body continues to grow. There is such potential if we will do it God’s way. We have seen people saved, healed and delivered in His presence. Walls really do fall and His people really can be free if they desire true intimacy with Him.

If you are interested in our prophetic worship music or would like to have us in, you can contact us either by e-mail joshua@wellingtonfillingstation.org or call 970-568-7480 or write us at P.O. Box 1003 Wellington Co. 80549